Returning TV Series August 2018

This Monday starts the 4th Season of TV Series Ballers:

Season 4

Episode 1 – Rough Ride

Spencer and Joe weigh the pros and cons of acquiring an extreme-sport agency. Ricky sets down roots in LA with Amber and their daughter, but finds himself yearning for something else. Charles rallies a group of disgruntled employees as he begins his new tenure with the Rams.

Fear the Walking Dead returns to the TV Screen again:

Episode 9 – People Like Us

You like Stephen King? Check out new series Castle Rock:

How to use automation on usenet?

Usenet nowadays is crippled with DMCA requests so that a lot of well-known TV shows and movies are taken offline 24 to 48 hours after posted to usenet. 

You have to be quick!

Not everybody wants to login to their favorite indexer on a daily basis. Because of this automation tools where invented.

Let automation do the heavy lifting!


Use for TV Shows! You put in the api key of sabnzbd and from your indexer and the rest is simple, start adding your favorite TV shows.

For movies there is and radarr (fork of sonarr rewritten for movie automation). Setup is just like for sonarr. 

Best NZB indexer 2018

To get the right content from Usenet you need at least one good indexer. What does an indexer do? Usenet indexers or mostly called nzb indexers index usenet and create nzb files which point your usenet download software to the right binary posts on usenet.

nzb files are like torrent files but for usenet

So an indexer site is to usenet what thepiratebay is to torrents.

At the top of the food chain!

Do you need a quick preview? Let’s see the youtube video about the best nzb indexer for downloading nzb files here.

Lets get straight to the point, best indexers around are:

  • nzbgeek
  • nzbwolf
  • pfmonkey (invite-only)
  • oznzb (invite-only)

What to look for in a good indexer?

  • content availability
  • clean and sorted index
  • good average response time
  • minimum downtimes
  • privacy friendly
  • semi-anonymous payment options (crypto or amazon gift card)

Where to best find porn on usenet?

Let’s talk about your dirty litte secrets!

Yeah we all need it and where better to find it than on usenet? No bad quality videos instead stunning crystal clear UHD videos.

7 GB download per video file?

No problem, usenet downloads will max out your internet connection. Hopefully you are on 100 mbit+. Otherwise let sabnzbd do the work when you are at work 😉

We all need it!

But where to find the nzb files for all the porn on usenet?

You can go with one of your favorite indexers. But you have to know what you are search for.

Well-known dutch forum kleverig offered a very good sorted forum full of porn. But they shut down for public in 2017, so no more new registrations – not even invitations.

Registration closed. Sorry too late guys 🙁

There is a solution: indexer site nzbwolf has a very good porn section with good preview material. It is easy to sort by UHD content!

This is how it should look like on a porn indexer!

Where to download german content from usenet?

Many people ask this question nowadays. Sorry usenet scene was hit hard by german authorities early this year. Most german forums closed down as a precaution after the raid. Most of them never returned online.

So are there sites still left?

Yes, there still are german boards which are operating again.

Brothers of Usenet is still around and then there is House of Usenet.

Personally these community driven forums upload their own german content and list externally uploaded content too. They are well-sorted but generally these forums look like the work of some script-kiddies. They are no comparision to professional indexers, which are way more comfortable and come with an API.

Be careful with these boards because the german authorities might be looking after them at some point again. 

It is definitively recommended for germans to visit these boards with a VPN and not use your normal Gmail account for registration. Instead use some kind of temporary mail provider or email hosts that take privacy seriously. Protonmail is one of them and as a company outside EU jurisdiction it is much harder for german authorities to get extract information about the mail account (even in case of a criminal investigation about rather harmless stuff like violation of copyrights for personal usage).