Best NZB indexer 2018

To get the right content from Usenet you need at least one good indexer. What does an indexer do? Usenet indexers or mostly called nzb indexers index usenet and create nzb files which point your usenet download software to the right binary posts on usenet.

nzb files are like torrent files but for usenet

So an indexer site is to usenet what thepiratebay is to torrents.

At the top of the food chain!

Do you need a quick preview? Let’s see the youtube video about the best nzb indexer for downloading nzb files here.

Lets get straight to the point, best indexers around are:

  • nzbgeek
  • nzbwolf
  • pfmonkey (invite-only)
  • oznzb (invite-only)

What to look for in a good indexer?

  • content availability
  • clean and sorted index
  • good average response time
  • minimum downtimes
  • privacy friendly
  • semi-anonymous payment options (crypto or amazon gift card)

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